Our food really is a memorable experience, it is not “haute” nor “nouvelle” cuisine but a plunge into the intense and forgotten flavours of the extraordinary ingredients of our land and sea.

We grow vegetables, fruits and nuts, make our own olive oil, bake bread with our own ancient wheat, our pigs roam free in an oak wood, goats and sheep feed on the Mediterranean bush. All this is supplemented by the innumerable wild edible and aromatic plants and mushrooms. We use organic and biodynamic practices and we let biodiversity work letting wild plants grow alongside our crops. We make dried pork with pigs fed with acorns and chestnuts, we make jams and other preserves. We fetch milk and meat from the shepherds that keep goats, sheep and cattle on our land, we make cheese. Sometimes we shoot a wild boar.

The seafood is very varied and collected the moment it is landed, the sea is famous for its deep water red shrimp, bluefin tuna and yellowtail which we prepare as sushi or sashimi; sea breams, sea bass, hake, red mullet, etc. for the stove.

The international experience of the chef does the rest with generous portions of extremely diverse dishes.


The drinks are of very high quality starting with our own Jacine Pinot Noir and the San Fantino Rosso. We also offer great whites and rose. We make lemonade and herbal teas with mint, camomile, elderflower that grow wild. We make our own limoncello, walnut and myrtle liquor and for the Bloody Mary we use the juice of our own tomatoes.